Monthly Archive: January, 2014

Egyptian Walking Onion

When I found this onion, I was so excited.  First, I loved the name.  It instantly reminded me of the 80’s Bangles Song, “Walk Like An Egyptian”, and began running through my head,… Continue reading

Sidebar: A Word About Climate Maps

One of the most invaluable tools to have is to understand the climate you live in and how it will affect your gardening and landscaping plans.  There are a plethora of plants out… Continue reading

Sidebar: Using Coconut Coir Instead of Peat Moss

Coconut Coir versus Peat Moss.  Peat Moss has been a staple in gardening and soil amendments for a long time.  But Peat Moss is not considered renewable. The process of forming peat moss takes… Continue reading

For Better or Worse: Planting Fennel

In spite of the many caveats about planting Fennel in one’s yard, Fennel is actually pretty low maintenance and demands little attention once planted.  It can grow in moderately fertile, chalky soil, and… Continue reading

Fennel Doesn’t Always Play Nice – or, Does It.

Keep Your Pollination off My Seeds.  There are many posts, including on-line nurseries, warning of Fennel’s inclination to cross-pollinate with other plants such as Dill or Coriander, and that the result will be… Continue reading

Fennel: The Renaissance Plant

  Besides being a vegetable, either wild or cultivated, Fennel is also both a herb and a spice.  Fennel is widely cultivated for its edible, strongly flavored leaves and seeds.  It’s aniseed flavor… Continue reading

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