Sidebar: The Quarter-Acre Farm, by Spring Warren


If you’re feeling a little crazy and considering turning your front and/or backyard into a small permaculture farm, The Quarter-Acre Farm, by Spring Warren, is a great book to read.  It gives you a realistic glimpse into what its like take on such an endeavor.  The book humorously details the successes and failures of the author’s year-long experiment.  It also provides really helpful advice, tips and recipes.

I was planning to re-landsape my front yard a few years back and my son recommended this book; it really helped me see other possibilities for my yard, and rethink my landscaping strategy.

Here are the before/after photos of my street side yard – from broken fence and old shrubs to new fence with espaliered grafted apple trees, pear trees, citrus and drought-tolerant plantings:


Top Photo – Old fence and shrubs; bottom left photo – espaliered fruit trees and grasses; bottom right photo – grafted apple this year just beginning to bloom


Whether or not you decide to go ahead and completely transform your yard, transform it just a little bit, or not-at-all-thank-you-very-much(!), this book is worth the read.