Garden-Geeking: Of Shoes and Eggplants

IMG_0496I remember when I was a little girl, my mom would take me shoe shopping.  It was very exciting to go to Buster Browns (and later Nordstrom’s when it was still just a shoe store) and try on shoes.  I always wore my new shoes out of the store, and I believed that I could run faster, jump higher, and walk smarter in those new shoes.   My love for shoes was fostered throughout my childhood by my parents, both of whom were clotheshorses,  and that excitement has never waned.   My shoe wisdoms: (1) shoes make the outfit (2)  there is no such thing as too many shoes, and (3)  “enough shoes” is an oxymoron.   I have been dubbed the shoe queen by my friends and family (not always a compliment, but I’ve decided to take it as such).

When I am not swooning over shoes, I like to let my inner garden geek take over.  I get so excited each morning to see what is growing in my garden.  In fact, I get excited about what’s growing in my garden in much the same way as I get excited about new shoes.  That excitement of the find – whether the perfect pair of shoes or a ripened eggplant ready for picking – is just such a rush.  It never gets old.  Here is the current cause for excitement.