No photoshopping: Zucchini Without Makeup

If celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow or Jessica Alba can post photos of themselves sans makeup or photoshopping, then so can my Zucchinis.

Its easy to post about the successes in the garden, but its good to show the failures too.  Why?  Because posting only successes (while fun) isn’t very realistic – much like the over-photoshopped pics of certain celebrities like – oh – maybe Kim Kardashian (yes, they do too all have cellulite).  I like my veggies real.

Here’s a photo of my Zucchinis from the same plant, which illustrates how not every single one of the blooms will grow into a full squash even with pollination.  The small puny Zucchinis were not fully pollinated, while the large Zucchinis were.  And, its all good.  Because who can really eat all of the Zucchini a plant is capable of producing?  I can’t and I can only offload so much to my friends before they stop returning my texts.