Rainy Day Musings


It’s 55° and grey outside.

It’s a good day for staying inside and making soup.

The rain is finally here.

The plants love it.

The birds love it.

My dogs hate it.

They balk at going outside.

They do not like to get their paws wet.

They do not like the rain on their backs.

They are definitely not hardy, working dogs.

These dogs would not retrieve.

These dogs would not herd any cattle or guard any livestock.

These dogs would not track down any prey for me.

These dogs would not swim in the lake or catch any fish.

I’m not sure they would even walk on a muddy riverbank.

I will concede that these dogs would keep me warm (but through no real effort on their part)

PicsArt-dougIf my dogs were working dogs:

  • The Pug would be a circus clown
  • The Chihuahua would be a spy
  • The Pittie would work children’s birthday parties for cake and hugs.

They are a motley crew.