The Winter That Wasn’t

BR IMG_2776It’s winter.  At least, it is according to the calendar. In places like Colorado, Minnesota or Ohio, along the northern US, temperatures hover in the 10’s and 20’s and snow is on the ground.   However, here in my part of Contra Costa County, and the southern half of the US, the daytime temperatures range in the 50’s and 70’s, and there’s not too much snow to speak of, except along the mountain ranges.

It’s hard to reconcile the maps and data with the gardening advice found in magazines like Sunset, Mother Nature, or Organic Gardening.  In fact, it’s just plain hard to know how to garden at all in this weather.

Last year, I had a wonderful winter garden. Everything I planted grew and produced.  This year, I am looking out my window at a forlorn garden.  The lettuce and greens drowned in December rain and never bounced back.  The broccoli Raab has already bolted, my artichokes, which were cut back, have begun to grow already, and my Kiwi, which was a no-go this summer due to the intensely hot summer temperatures, has now begun to leaf out in places.   All this is happening months’ earlier than it should.

I’m sitting “Shiva” for my winter garden.

How is your winter garden growing? What have you found helpful in this warmer winter? I would love to hear from you: success or failures – all are welcome.