Before moving to the East San Francisco Bay area, I lived in the Pacific Northwest.  Whatever I knew about gardening up there did not apply much here.  For example, in the Pacific Northwest, like many areas of the country, there are usually four weather seasons to consider: winter, spring, summer and fall.  Where I live now, the seasons break down into just two seasons: warm and cold.  This new landscape offered an opportunity to shift my gardening paradigm.

I am now a Master Gardener in Contra Costa County, California.  The California Master Gardener Program services the gardening and horticultural side (residential) of the University of California Cooperative Extension program (UCCE), while the Farm Extension Program serves the agricultural side (commercial farmers).

California currently produces almost half of the US-grown fruits, nuts and vegetables, and is the 5th largest supplier of food and agricultural commodities in the world.  Because agriculture is such as large part of California’s livelihood, the UCCE programs, research and resources are vast.  I am a grateful recipient of the training and knowledge made available by the UCCE.

The wonderful thing about gardening is that there is always something to learn.  There is no such thing as knowing everything when it comes to gardening because, just like nature, it is ever-changing and evolving.  And, I’ve found that people who love to garden also love to share information, resources and tips to support the success of other gardeners.  Everybody is welcome and supported.

So, let’s spread the word about organic backyard urban gardening one shovelful at a time.

Questions or comments are always welcome here.